Tactical and Acrobatic Flight Simulator

EXPOMAQ 2020 will witness the exhibition of the First Mobile Tactical and Acrobatic Flight Simulator in the World called “Robotics Tactical & Acrobatic Full Flight Motion”. Currently, Industrial Robotics Solutions Mexico and MRCI Investor, developed the first tactical and acrobatic flight simulator for the Armed Forces, in order to reduce accidents, through this simulator that allows pilots to overcome the serious problem of spatial disorientation, that is, with this simulator, pilots can experience new methodologies for training through robotics.

Emerging Technology Center

Sponsored by AMT – The Association For Manufacturing Technology

The Center for Emerging Technologies is recognized worldwide for exhibiting innovative and cutting-edge technologies that will impact manufacturing in the coming years. At IMTS 2004, the CTE made its debut as a place to educate, inform and excite the manufacturing community about specific innovations for the advanced technology industry. In booth 1819 of EXPOMAQ 2020, you can be part of the CTE.