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Event Name: EXPOMAQ
Edition: 5th edition
Event title: International machine tools and manufacturing technology show
Date: April 21-24
Place: León, Guanajuato
Enclosure: Poliforum León
Organizers: Mexican Association of
Machinery Distributors AC.
Exhibition size: 18,144 m2 of exhibition
Expected visitors: 12,000

Exhibition organized by the Mexican Association of Machinery Distributors with the objective of provide the most innovative and technological manufacturing practices to the manufacturing sector in Mexico.

Due to the success obtained in the past editions and thanks to the enthusiastic participation of the more than 250 exhibitors representing more than 1,000 international brands that offer solutions for the industry automotive / auto parts, aerospace, metalworking, molds and dies, oil & gas, medical devices, appliances and power generation, we present EXPOMAQ 2020.

En EXPOMAQ podrá adentrarse en la industria 4.0 e interactuar con más de 250 máquinas trabajando en tiempo real y realizando pruebas de proceso como:

Automation, Quality Control, Numerical Control (CNC), Cutting by: Water Jet / Laser / Plasma, Milling, Clamping Tools, 3D Printing, Industry 4.0, Additive Manufacturing, Machining, Cryogenic Machining, Micro Machining, Preforming, Robotics, Coordinate Measuring Systems, Turning, Sheet Transformation, CAD / CAM / CAE Software. And many others more related to the manufacturing industry.

Exhibitors from Germany, Japan, China, United States, Taiwan, Korea, Italy, India, United Kingdom, Spain, Canada, Brazil among many others.



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